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The petitioner alleged that without passing any order, the State Bank of India is deducting the amount from his pension account.


The Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court comprising of Hon’ble Shri Justice A. S. Chandurkar and Urmila Joshi Phalke issued the notices to the Chairman of State Bank of India & others and made it returnable in 2 weeks, on the petition of one Benjamin David.


The petitioner who is 75 years old alleged in the petition that he was the guarantor of the loan taken by Munnilal Chouhan. After his death, the amount of the loan was to be recovered from his legal heir, however, without taking any efforts to recover from the legal heirs of the principal borrower, the State Bank of India started deducting the amount from the pension account of the petitioner. It is also alleged by the petitioner that in spite of the death of the principal borrower his legal heirs have withdrawn the pension amount.


Adv. Ishwar S. Charlewar, Deepa I. Charlewar, and Sonal Tripathi appeared for the petitioner, and Ms. Minicha Kotecha, Advocate with Shri M. Anilkumar for the State Bank of India.


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