Medical Termination of pregnancy can be permitted even after 20 weeks : Rules High Court

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Justice Nitin Jamdar and Milind N. Jadhav JJ. at the High Court of Judicature at Bombay has directed the Civil Hospital, Solapur to carry out the medical termination of pregnancy.

Petitioner Rupa Shirish Imade has filed the petition seeking permission for termination of her pregnancy on the ground that the child, if allowed to be born would suffer from physical or mental abnormalities as to seriously handicap him or her.

By order dated 24/11/2020,the High Court directed Medical Board of Civil Hospital, Solapur to examine the petitioner and submit the report, pursuant to which the Medical Board Solapur has examine the petition and found abnormality in fetus.

The court observed that ‘ from the report the fetus suffers from Fetal Congenital Anomaly and Central Nervous System Abnormalities’.

The court further directed that, the medical practitioner shall ensure all necessary facilities to be provided to such child for saving the life of child. If the child born is alive and the petitioners are not willing to or not in a position to take responsibility of such child, liberty to the petitioner to apply to the state and/or its instrumentalities.

Advocate Shri Anant Vadgaonkar appeared for the petitioner and Ms. Sushma Bhende additional GP represented for the Respondent state.

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